Sunday, 5 August 2012

Witness Insecurity

Bosco is so cute in this drama. Bosco is a police which is type for witness security. Bosco is so cool. I really like this drama. Bosco is an orphan because his mother and father died in the fire. He had an aunts and uncle and cousins. I had to admit this drama is like a small reunion of K4. Cila, Ronald, Brian but no Dickson.

Linda's character seem depressed. She doesn't like the sunlight, being touch by strangers and mostly she likes to be alone. She play a bigger version of a violin. She is a rich girl.

Linda's uncle got attack by a person that is paid to kill him. Luckily, the uncle got save but the police hasn't found the attacker yet. This is when Bosco's team gets in. Linda doesn't even care about Bosco's team. She doesn't like the body guards that her dad hired to protect her.

Bosco and Linda's uncle is at the shopping mall and they were attack by the another attacker. Linda escape the hire bodyguards and she flee to the staircase at the same shopping mall.

Bosco chase the attacker to the staircase and yup, Linda is use as a hostage. Bosco chase the man and Linda is left in the corner and Bosco chase the man to the rooftop and the man somehow jump and ran away. Bosco came back and ask if Linda is alright. Their official first meeting.

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