Friday, 10 August 2012

No Good Either Way

*Person A= Jason Chan, Person B= Matt Yeung (the previous post on NGEW)

I honestly don't like Jason's character one bit. He lied to Natalie multiple times. He lied to her about his mother staying in HK, when really she lives in Canada. He also betray Ruco. He made all the A4 sign a contract with another company. A4 stay for half a year to help Ruco complete the ES (a model that can charge everything). Ruco thinks that they betray him so he treated A4 really badly.

Ruco is stubborn. He thinks his helping the company but really he is selfish and always want A4 to suffer. A4 ignored him because they all think that they deserve this.

Natalie found out that Jason lied to her, but still she forgives him. Jason bought a couple watch. Ruco thought that Natalie did but she didn't. Ruco had an argument with Natalie and Krystal.

Now Natalie and Krystal both lives in the haunted house (the house that Natalie bought).

Meanwhile, Louise confess to Leanne thinking that she was out of love and believing that he might had a chance with her. The truth is Leanne wasn't. Poor Louise.

Louise's sister husband cheated on her and left her with a restaurant. Currently, Q Bobo and her are business partner.

The fruit juice store closed down because Louise want to focus on his daytime work and Q Bobo has to work for his cousin.

Matt continued to be a supportive guy. He was even willingly going to buy Natalie's house just because she desperately needed money. Matt is expressionless sometime but he is a good guy unlike Jason. Sorry Jason, but you're character is hard to hate.

Meanwhile, Florence Kwok continue to revenge on Ruco and A4. She even work with a man to help get rid of A4 for her.

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