Friday, 31 August 2012

Linda singing Raymond's song/ Kate Tsui- Hit Me

Linda in Daddy Good Deed singing Raymond's song. I came across this and I thought it was cool. So I figure I should shares this to you guys! I really like Linda singing. She is very talented. Honestly, before I click on it, I thought it was a clip when Linda sang in Witness Insecurity.

Credit should go to TVB 2012

Kate Tsui- Hit Me
This song has been released in 2009. Figure I should post something that relates to her singing. In the MV, it seems that you can really see Kate as who she is, not a character that she is acting as.
Credit should go to the Uploader and Kate's singing Co.


  1. You posted so much stuff on music today :D haha anyways, loved the clip of Linda in DGD the best!!! One of my favourite scenes in the series!! I felt so bad for her T.T

    1. Hey,
      Yeah, I felt bad for Linda too. Linda deserve someone that loved her as who she is. By the way, I really adore the realationships she had with her family memebers.

  2. Kate Tsui is so cute! :) She is definately one of the promising actresses in the HK movie & drama industry. Love her acting as always. Hope to see more of her movies in future.