Wednesday, 1 January 2014

TVB Couples 2014

What a better way to start a new year with a list of happy couples married last year.

Yeung Chiu Hoi with his childhood sweetheart
They married last year with a lot of celebrities attending such as good friends Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Steven Ma, Kenneth Ma and so on. They have been together for 11 years. I'm so happy for this couple.
Joyce Tang and Matthew Chu
Happily married with Matthew Chu, Joyce's love life is on cloud nine. Look at both of their beautiful smiles. Joyce is so pretty and I'm glad she found "the one."
Oscar Leung and Tina
Last year I post on "TVB Couples 2013" that we should expect wedding bells and here it is. They were married on 1.1. 2014. Tina and Oscar has been dating for ten years. I'm so happy for Oscar and Tina.
Hoffman Cheng and his wife.
You might recognize him as the runner up in "The Voice of Stars." He have also played a handful of minors roles in TVB dramas as well. I hope that he could have an album out soon because a man that has a talent in singing should not go to waste. They look so cute together!
Moses Chan and Aimee Chan
Previously in "TVB Couples" I said that they should hurry up and get married and they finally did. I'm so happy for these two. Aimee has given birth to a baby boy in December and the baby boy name is Aidan. They married in Paris, France.
Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng
This couple has been dating for 22 years. They start dating in 1999 and end the relationship in 2004 and they reconcile again in 2011. Look at Sammi beautiful smiles. They look so good together, I wonder why they broke up in the first place. Anyway, Sammi have accept Andy's proposal and have celebrate at Bali. They plan to tie the knot next year, 2015. Further news about this will be update.
*All pictures are from the rightful owner*
Should I have miss any couple/s that were married last year please comment below so that I can add them on this list?


  1. Andy Hui & Sammi Cheng will be marrying soon!

  2. How did Andy and sammi date for 22 years. Doesn't add up at all.

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