Friday, 24 August 2012

Three Kingdom RPG eps 5-10

So the first half of eps 5 was pretty much blah blah blah. Near half way through eps 5, Raymond was allowed to be the person in charge of the war that  was going to fight against the other part of China. At first everyone thought that Raymond was a weakling as he purposely allowed the other team to kill Raymond's soldiers. It was review that it was part of the plan. Raymond's sides, the soldiers started to arrow people dead and successfully won the war, once the other sides was fool and was trapped.

Kenneth told the man that was Raymond's boss to allow Raymond to remarry a second wife as it was good for the man relationship with the woman's family. Raymond had no idea this was going on. The man ask the girl's family for permission. Kaki Leung found out and wrote a letter to leave. She wanted Raymond to marry the girl because he deserve to. She still thought she wasn't good enough for Raymond. Raymond found the letter and quickly went to find her. It took Raymond a couples of day before Raymond found Kaki again. Kaki agree to come back. Raymond refuse the marrying the girl.

Raymond found out that it was Kenneth's idea and they got in a big fight. Kenneth hate Raymond. Did I mention that Raymond was Kenneth's idol. Kenneth got mad and scribble randoms words on papers that he was meant to copy out.

Kenneth had only ten days before he had the chance to come back to HK. The day was 15th of August on Lunar calender. Kenneth went and bought plenty of stuff to bought back to Hong Kong and sell it for millions.

Jessica Shum made her appearance. Kenneth saw her and started to flirt with her by singing a love songs in English and Chinese.

Kenneth and Jess Shum had a date the next day but she was busy so she couldn't come. When the low IQ guy suggest Tavia, Kenneth said he had 'no feel' towards her, but invite her anyway. The date was at the lantern festival. They both made a wish and Kenneth sang to Tavia a love song. Tavia likes Kenneth now.

Kenneth told Tavia that women in Hong Kong had the freedom to choose whom to love, either they are skinny, fat, pretty, ugly, smart or stupid. In Three Kingdom period, the parents decided whom they were to marry.
Tavia was asks to marry Matthew Ko, but Tavia decline. Things went complicated and Kenneth solve it.

On 15th August of Lunar calender, Kenneth went to the spa before he left the place of Three Kingdom for good. However, he accidentally set the spa on fire. While he ran a man saw him ran away from the fire. Kenneth started to pack loads of stuff and ran to the destination while celebrating. When he reach the destination, Kenneth didn't return to the Hong Kong. After a while later, his sister SMS him mention something about 2 miles from the destination is where Kenneth would be able to return. The next time it will ever happen again will be 200 years later.

Kenneth was forced to return back to the place he used to lived. Tavia save his life from jail. Now, Kenneth is a cleaner in the place.

A man and his worker both hate Raymond and plan to kill him, then blame the death on Kenneth with the evidence from the scribble that Kenneth wrote. Kenneth overheard it and ask them if he can joined them.

So far, I like this drama but at the same time it is quite boring at times. There's not a lot of comedy as I thought. Hopefully, the story would get more exciting as it goes.

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