Monday, 13 August 2012

Witness Insecurity esp 3&4

So loving this drama right now. The whole entire time while watching the drama, I really wanted Linda and Bosco to talk to each other. Linda is so quiet, she doesn't like to have eye contact with people. Linda and her instruments.

Her uncle got shot by a man and Linda witness it. She was the only one there to witness it. So Bosco and his group had to protect her. Her uncle is in the hospital.

Eventually Bosco found out that Linda had a disorder. He only knew that because her dad told him.

During the mission, Bosco and his group was protecting Linda while she was practicingwith her fellow classmates. Suddenly, a random fire was set and Bosco and his group set to work. Linda was having a break next door. Bosco grab Linda to escape but she wouldn't leave without her instrument. Bosco push the fire room and ran in to grab her instrument, at that moment Linda had a different view toward Bosco. Linda hug her instruments and ran at the back door with Bosco and his group. Bosco and his crew went insides the car with Linda. During the drive, there was attacker with guns. Bosco came up with a plan B and they drive to a dead end. The attacker follow and suddenly police block them. Linda is save.

After the mission, Bosco is ask to see his boss. His boss says that it is good thing that he save Linda but the part when he left Linda to grab her instruments is not excepted. Poor Bosco.

Linda is in a happy mood. Linda want to ask Bosco about it, so she wait for Bosco at the garden. When he came, she  nervously says, 'hey,' Bosco heard it and ask her if she is talking to him. Linda ask him if he is alright with the fact that he save her instrument incident. He told her it was alright. Linda nervously walk off. She left her flower behind and Bosco told her that she forgot her plant. Linda held the flower and for the first time she look up at Bosco and say 'Thank you' before she walk off. Finally, Linda and Bosco has a closer relationship. Yay!

Linda uncle woke up. His alright but he can't walk properly again though. He is still the same happy uncle. Bosco and his group continue to protect Linda.

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