Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Destined To Love You (Chinese Drama)

To be honest, the male casts draws me to the drama and I miss watching Bosco in dramas.

Joe Chen as Qian Bao Bao/ Xian Hao
Bosco Wong as Shen Wen Tao
Jia Nai Ling as Xiang Hao

Episodes: 41 (I was a bit hesitate with the number of episodes, but it is worth it)

Spoilers are in this review, if you plan to watch it. Stop reading here, you have been warn. :P

Where do I start?
The cast looks promising which is the main reason why I decided to give this drama a go, because the synopsis to me is quite typical. In order to save her sick mother, Qian Bao Bao stole the identity of Xian Hao, a psychology instructor for Long Cheng Military Academy.  Along the way she meets Xiang Hao and the two did not get along well at all. While Wen Tao is her only friend at the academy who protects her, and always help her. Thus, a love triangle.

What I like about this drama?
Xiang Hao. Honestly, I didn't expect to like Xiang Hao at all. He's a prankster. No joke. He always prank Bao Bao because like Bao Bao describes it, "Cat and Mouse relationship." Every scenes of him and Bao Bao makes me laugh so hard. He is a child at heart. The cute thing is when they were at the ball, and he wants to dance with Bao Bao but Wen Tao ask her first. The result, Wen Tao and Xiang Hao dance together. Xiang Hao confess to her that he likes her and that would have to be the cutest scene yet. When he found out the truth that Bao Bao isn't Xian Hao, his fiancee, he still loves her. He did not care about her identity. And these two have been through so much together.

Shen Wen Tao. I knew right from the beginning that Bao Bao would not choose him. It's not because he is a bad person, no he is opposite of that. He is gentle, smart, serious and understanding. He found out that Bao Bao is not Xian Hao long ago and did not expose it, instead he protects her. Every time Bao Bao is sad, he is always there to comfort her, he is always helping her in whatever situation she is in. He loves her. Both of them adopt Xiao Yu, a puppy. Even though he knows that Bao Bao doesn't like him, he is still always there for her.

Bao Bao. The moment she choose to return to the academy for Xiang Hao, she knew that her life is always on the edge of death. Because stolen identity is a major crime. But with her best friend, Wen Tao and her lover, Xiang Hao, and the friends that she made at the academy, she have the courage to face whatever challenges that is against it. When the real Xian Hao return to the academy, there were a time when Xiang Hao were force to marry Xian Hao to save Bao Bao from death sentence. Of course, throughout the challenges, Xian Hao realise that loving Xiang Hao for ten years is a mistakes. And that her real lover is, Ouyang Fei, the boy that save her from drowning when she was 5 years old.

Xiang Hao and Shen Wen Tao- Bromance. Both were competitors for Jiyad Captain position. Xiang Hao did not like Wen Tao because of a misunderstanding, whereas Wen Tao have always see Xiang Hao as his brother. Throughout the drama, Xiang Hao and Wen Tao mend their broken brotherhood and they were "Brotherhood for life and the next lifetime."

Gu Xiao Bai. Du Feng. Gao Mei Ren. Han Xu. These four guys are so loyal to Xiang Hao and Wen Tao. I am a bit bias coz out of the four I like Gu Xiao Bai played by Zhang Yun Long.

Dean Xie and Dr Su. These two are wayyy too cute and hilarious too!

Xian Hao and Ouyang Fei. I am so happy that they were together. These two are just too cute. I knew there were something special when Ouyang Fei save her the second time (the first time when she was 5 years old) from the river which she fell off from the train.

What I don't like about this drama?
THE ENDING! Did I just went through all 41 episodes of this drama just to have this ending. No. I did not. I was expecting a happy ending in which Xiang Hao and Bao Bao are happily together and Shen Wen Tao with them. I just want a happy ending. How hard can it be to fulfill my wish?

Shen Wen Tao I'm in tears watching it. I was hoping that when you used yourself as human shield against Li Ji Zou that perhaps, Bao Bao escape and shot those bullets from behind to kill Li Ji Zou (Main Villain btw) but nope. It is not the case. Wen Tao shot himself and the bullets shot Li Ji Zou too. Wen Tao sacrifice himself. I could not believe that Wen Tao died. I mean, I was a bit suspicious that either Wen Tao or Ouyang Fei would died. It's an instinct that I have. Still, Wen Tao's death is too much for me. And if Wen Tao's death is not the worse, the academy thought that Bao Bao died while they were in a mission to destroy the weapons from the enemy sides.

Wen Tao and the other soldiers that sacrifice themselves for the country were reward with a medal and with respect.

Xiang Hao believes that Bao Bao is still alive. So he left the academy. On the train, where it have all begin when he first met Bao Bao, he met her again. Bao Bao were on the train that he is on, but the stupid and saddest thing that could possibly happen is, Bao Bao have amnesia. Yeah, so she doesn't remember who Xiang Hao is. Heart broken that the love of his life doesn't remembered him, he decides to tell her the stories of him and her while on the train.

Xiang Hao. He has the worse ending. He lost his best friend, a brother for life in the mission, and now his lover does not remember him. Why did all three main characters have a sad ending? One is dead. One have amnesia. One is left with all the memory. What is the meaning of this? Why?

Nonetheless, this drama is worth a watch.

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