Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Three Kingdom RPG eps 3&4

Raymond got excepted in the high rank place. Kenneth is mad at Raymond because he didn't pick Kenneth to be his assistance, instead Raymond pick his two friends. Kenneth work for the same place as Raymond except he work for the -man- that's- want- Raymond-fired.

There is a betrayer in the place they were staying. Raymond found out how to found the betrayer, BUT, there are eight people left and they were forced to be killed. Kenneth solve the problem because he recognise the position one of the man standing, meaning that he want to escape. Kenneth only knew this because he watch 'Every Move You Make,' when he was in the modern period.

Mary Hon made her appearance as some rich lady along with her son Vin Choi, the prince. Mary made the people that Raymond's work pay huge amount of money. Kenneth, who texts his sister about the information about Mary, found a way to get rid of her. She eventually left.

Tavia turns out to be a maid. She is loved by everyone. Kenneth help the man that has two wives which fight Tavia to be their maid.

Kenneth had a fever and Tavia help Kenneth to get better. She thank him for helping solve the problem with the two wives, who each fight for her.

I like this drama a lot because it is fresh and funny. I love how Kenneth taught the man 'Miss Smelly Eight,' it is so funny how they used it. So loving Kenneth's character.

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