Wednesday, 15 August 2012

No Good Either Way Finale

Jason is the jealousy type. He gets all jealous every time he sees Matt and Natalie together. The house that Natalie bought turns out to be true that a big company wants to buy the house with a higher price; Matt bought her house about eight thousands dollar. Jason thought that Matt had knew that the rumor were true, and thought Matt only bought her house in a cheaper price is to sold it to the company for a huge amount of money. Natalie explain that the day after Natalie sold the house to Matt he heard the news and he even had a contract indicated that if, the news is true he will sold the house back to Natalie with the same price. Matt is good guy. I hope that Natalie pick Matt not Jason.

Ruco had finally figure out how ES would work. He put it in his USB. Ruco, Louise and Q Bo bo started to moan and groan about each other jobs. The next day Ruco lost his USB. Turn out Q Bo bo sold the USB to a business man for 2 million dollar. Ruco had to buy the USB for about 1 million dollar.

In the end Krystal and Ruco were all good.

Natalie broke up with Jason because he said bad thing about Ruco to A4. He said that he want Ruco to lick his shoe and make Ruco does what he say. Natalie got really mad so she slap him across the face and broke up with him. Go Natalie! Matt had a chance with Natalie now!

Jason put a virus in ES. Causing the company huge amount of money loss.
My favourite part would have to be when Jason, a businessman that want Goal Tech Co. (the company that Ruco works for), a woman that works for the financial and Florence were at her house and Stephen and Ruco witness them betraying the company.

Jason caught Matt and Natalie together and he thought Natalie broke up with him to be with Matt. Poor Natalie.

Stephen had no choice but to sold the business to the man that always wanted Goal Tech Co. Ruco and Louise told this man to show everyone in the company what is happening in the meeting, when Stephen announce his two condition in order for the man to have the company. 1. He had to continue on ES. 2. He can't reduce the money for the workers. When everyone heard this, they all barge in the room screaming, yelling 'Don't sign it.'

In the end, Jason, businessman, the woman and Florence were sentence to jail for a year. (In the drama they didn't mention how long all four were in jail but one year later Natalie and Jason met again so...)

Now, Stephen is still the boss and Goal Tech Co. is better than ever.

Matt shows Natalie his health report and his bank account. He confess that he wish Natalie could be his wife but Natalie reject him. They remains friend.

Natalie got her licence for motorbike. She met Jason again one year later. Jason now starts his life over again. He works in the pizza place. ( I only know this because when Natalie met him again she ask him, 'Are you delivering pizza?')

I wish Natalie would choose one guy. Finger cross its Matt.

Leanne and Louise didn't date, they remain as friend too.

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