Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tiger Cubs eps 5

Everyone in SDU hates Oscar because of him that Christine Kuo broke up with Joe.
Vincent and SDU met this old lady. Vincent and the old lady quickly became friend. The old lady had a grandson in his mid-30's. The grandson took drugs, while driving the taxi with one of the SDU head person's family. The grandson crash the taxi in the pole. Luckily, the SDU head person's family survive. Nothing went wrong.

Soy Sauce factory was suspicious that drugs was made in it. SDU camouflage themselves and spies from a hill to see the birds view of  what is insides the factory.  At one point, Oscar accidentally roll down the hill and the people in the factory set the two dogs free. The dogs chase Oscar and Joe told Oscar to run as fast as he could towards the lakes that smell really badly. Vincent and this man was suppose to replace Him and Oscar, which they were the people that spies the Soy Sauce factory. The old lady called Vincent screaming for help. Joe told Vincent to continue what he was assign to do and Joe will send someone else to help the old lady. Vincent ignore Joe and ran to save the lady. Her grandson was bleeding to death. Luckily he was saved. When he woke up he told his grandmother (the old lady) to call the police because insides the Soy Sauce factory they have bombs and guns. The old lady call Vincent and he told Joe. Mandy, as the computer person, tried to contact Jessica to warn her, but she couldn't hear it. SDU ended up have to come and help out.
Eventually, Jessica crew went in the factory and fight for their lives. Jessica didn't know about the bombs or the gun, so she and her group started to struggled. SDU appears and help Jessica and her group.

Jessica chase the escape robbers to the underground tunnels, then the robbers use the bombs to attack. Jessica was trap by piles of rocks. Joe chase after her and quickly dig the rock. There was a small gap and Joe saw that the robber was about to shot Jessica dead. Joe shot the bullet through the tiny whole and killed the robber.

Jessica was at the hospital. Joe came and visit Jessica. Christine appears with a basket of fruit. Suddenly, Oscar and Mandy appears together hands in hands. Christine ask,'What are you two doing?' Oscar reply, 'We're dating of course!'


  1. Very detailed and very bad grammar. Still good though. Don't have to watch the drama to know what's going on.
    -Anonymous Orange

    -Anonymous Orange