Thursday, 30 August 2012

Witness Insecurity eps 9-12

Linda ask Cila Kung to help her get-to-know Bosco. Linda started to hike with Bosco as the instructor.

Cila became Linda and Bosco's matchmaker. One time, Cila lied to Bosco that she forgot something and Bosco had to ride on his motorcycle to the location to give it to her. Linda was there and Cila told Bosco to drive Linda back to the music place. Cila even told Bosco to put the helmet on for Linda, while she sneakily snap the photo. Cila even told Linda to hug Bosco, so that she won't fall off the motorcycle. Aong the way, it happens to rain, so Bosco and Linda stop under the tunnel. An ice cream bike stop, Bosco and Linda each had ice cream. While they we're there, Linda invited Bosco to a music concert and Bosco invited her to a hiking fundraiser.
Linda's father found out about the fact that he thinks Bosco likes Linda. He even order to see Bosco and made Bosco life more miserable. Cila explain to the Linda's dad that Linda was the one that request her to help Linda to get to know Bosco more. Things went completely terrible as the man slap Cila across the face. Bosco came and explain that he never liked Linda and he didn't know that Linda likes him. Linda came in and explain that she like Bosco and it was always a one sided love.
After, Bosco avoids Linda at all cost. Linda was depressed and she felt really painful.

Bosco deicided to ask Linda out to explain that he never like Linda or felt that way towards her. Linda was so sad and she cried so badly.

Linda went hiking on her own. She invited Bosco, as he promise her to. Bosco delected the SMS before he read it. That day, it was raining terribly. Everyone in the police force was searching for Linda. However, they didn't know what moutain Linda was hiking, so Linda's uncle call Bosco and ask, since Bosco would know. Bosco said it could be this moutain and turn out it was right. Everyone was searching for Linda but they couldn't find her. Bosco call one of his friend if they've found Linda yet, but they couldn't. Linda's uncle called Bosco and ask him if he could help search for Linda, since Bosco had hike a lot of moutains before. Bosco agree. After almost a day, Bosco found Linda. Yay!

After this incident, Linda's dad finally allowed Linda and Bosco to be together. Yay!

Honestly, when I watched this drama, I think the love between Linda and Bosco is very similiar with 'The Mystery Of Love,' (2010) between Raymond, a wealthy person and Tavia, whom also was a police. The love story is silmilar with the rich people falling for a police and the rich parents forbidd them to be together. Seriously, what's wrong with a police? Police help the community. I mean, Bosco is so cute, how can they not see that! Tavia is so pretty and they don't allow Raymond to love her. I don't get this at all.

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