Saturday, 11 August 2012

Tiger Cubs eps 3&4

With  Kenny's case, in the end Kenny and his mates rush to the hospital to wait for Kenny's son operation to be finished. Somehow, the polices all knew and they all gather the patients in the hospital out. SDU were all in the hospital ready to defeat them. The result, Kenny's mates all died. Kenny died too because Joe shot him.

A new case, this time we get to know more about Him's background story. Yes, Him is a rich guy. Again, in this case is when Him's sister and the robbers join hands together to made Him's dad get kidnapped. She only done that because the father only seem male better than female. Seriously, at this time and this is still going on with male better than female. Anyway, somehow SDU and Jessica's crew all found out the location that they were kidnap and tada they're all save. I didn't want to get into detail because if you seem it then its no point on me repeating but if you haven't, then do check it out.

Another background of Vincent's character. He had a brother that is a policeman too. His brother is a higher rank than his.

A new case, some policeman stole police guns and dangerous equipment. He hated Jessica because she blamed him for losing the evidence in which he ended up having to work in the supply closet. His wife left him and he always drinks.

One day he somehow held Jessica as a hostage and they were in a fight and he tried to kill himself. SDU appears and save the day.

Joe and Him relationship are better again. Him finally realise that Joe intention were good.

Joe purpose to Christine Kuo and she reject him because she like Oscar.
Oscar sent a message telling Christine to not break up with Joe because of him. Turn out he sent it to Joe by accident.

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