Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Mr. Hong Kong's Winners 2005, 2007, 2010

2005- Matthew Ko

Born on 20th May, 1984 (29 years old)
From Toronto, Canada.
Fluent in English, French, Cantonese and Mandarin.
He is the first winner. He also grab the 'Stylish Award.'

Debut in "To Grow With Love" alongside with Selina Li.
He's main role would be in a "Man In Charge" where he play a villain role. He have played many roles in TVB series but haven't yet been stepping up as the first line actor yet. He is a principle to a primary school.
He's recent work would be in "Sergeant Tabloid" where he play as a childish policeman whom later date Mandy Wong's character.
May he one day be in the first line actors. That day will come sooner or later.  Because he deserve it.

2007- Benjamin Yuen

Born on 11th May, 1981 (31 years old)
From Hong Kong
He also grab the award of "Audience Pick."

He has act since 1998. However he only join TVB since 2008 with his debut drama, "Your Class Or Mine" alongside Bobby and Sheren.

He can be seen in "On Call 36 1 and 2" where he play a doctor who is dating Mandy's character. May one day he be in the first line actor. He deserve it.

2010- William Chak

Born 29 March 1985 (28 years old)
He won the first runner up for ATV Mr. Asia in 2005. He has act since 2006-2008 for ATV before he went South Korea for a year and is a black belt in Taekwondo.
In 2010, he participate in TVB Mr. Hong Kong and won the title.

He's first role for TVB is in "Be Home For Dinner" as a doctor in episode 152-153.
He capture my heart as Delay Gor in "Sergeant Tabloid."
He can be seen as Tucker in "Triumph In The Skies 2."
Look out for him next year in "Tiger Cubs 2."
May one day he will be the first line actors in TVB. He deserve it.

*These are the one that won the title and are actors in TVB.
**Pictures are from weibo and TVB.

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