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Tavia's partners

As you all know that I am a big fan of Tavia since The Hippocratic Crush. Here I would like to list Tavia's co-stars and you can comment below which is your favourite co-star/s that you think Tavia is best with. The one in bold would be my choices.

Tavia Yeung and Bosco Wong
Heart of Greed and Dicey Business
This is an old picture. Tavia's character in Heart of Greed as a divorcee who everyone disapprove of her and Bosco together. She play as a model in dicey business and while Bosco play as a shy guy who later build his confidence. I think they are really cute together, I would love to see these two as a couple in another TVB drama.

Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng
The Academy and On the First Beat
They start as foe when Ron arrest Tavia's brother play by Deep Ng and eventually they fell in love but 'On the first beat' she broke up with him because she found someone better, which Ron eventually date Joey Yung's character. I think they make a great couple, again I would love to see this couple on screen again.
Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam
Twins of Brother, Mystery of Love,

In real life they are classmates and good friends. I really like Tavia and Raymond's scenes in MOL. I think they were so cute and I would love to see them together in another drama. Even though they were in Men of Shadows, Tavia wasn't pair with Raymond but with Bobby. I thought the storyline of MOL where rich and poor have to face a lot of obstacles to be together, the scene where Raymond ask Tavia out and she laugh it off thinking that it is a joke, and the scene where Raymond broke her heart because he couldn't face the pressure from his family and her together at once. She even try to commit suicide because of the pain is too much for her, in the end after the ups and down, Raymond's parents accepted her and Raymond realize that he love her very much, and so he proposes to her and she said yes.
I would love to watch a sequel to Mystery of Love if there ever will be one because I would love to see their marriage life just like The Hippocratic Crush 2 where I can watch Tavia and Kenneth's marriage life.
Tavia Yeung and Ruco Chan
The Other Truth
They have so much chemistry together in this drama. I think they were so cute to the point that I was disappointed that Mavis couldn't choose between Keith and Wallace. I wish she would choose Keith mainly because he is so good for her, they were meant to be. Maybe because Wallace save her life and she feels that she owe him. I thought they make quite a dashing couple. I know there is a drama this year where Ruco and Tavia will be in it, I don't know if they will be a couple in it or not though.
Tavia Yeung and Moses Chan
Land Of Wealth, Beyond the Conscience of Realm, Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, Moonlight Resonance
They have the cutes chemistry in Moonlight Resonance, I thought Moses and Tavia were so cute but Kate have to be in the way and ruin everything, eventually Moses and Tavia were happily married after the ups and down.
In Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, Tavia has feeling for the undercover policeman Moses. They begin to date but in order to have the case solve, Moses have to date Linda which causes things to be complicated where Ron begin to like Tavia too.
Tavia Yeung and Steven Ma
Land of Wealth, Cupid Stupid, Sweetness in the Salt
Can I just start off that this couple never have a happy ending. In every drama where they play as a couple where they each have feelings for each other, never once did they have a happy ending. I was really disappointed.
In Cupid Stupid, Tavia have date Michael Tse before but the relationship didn't work out, it is Steven that has been her childhood friend and so supportive of her, then Michael change and want Tavia back. Torn between two amazing guys, she decide to run away and let fate decide. Steven found her at Disneyland and call her but she didn't hear, and Michael call her because he heard the ringtone that the three of them sang and she heard him. Tavia heard Michael shout out her name but not Steven.
It is Steven that call Tavia so that Michael could find Tavia. He let her go just like that and he hope that Michael could be a great boyfriend for Tavia. Steven why are so nice for.
In Sweetness in the Salt, Tavia and Steven love each other but she have to married Raymond Wong to save his family salt business. Again, not a happy ending for them.
In land of wealth, they both love each other but Tavia end up marrying Moses because of a misunderstanding.
They have a new drama coming out soon, hopefully they will have a happy ending this time.
Tavia Yeung and Michael Tse
Cupid Stupid, The Rippling Blossom, Friendly Fire
I didn't like them in The Rippling Blossom as a couple, maybe because they were so much better in Friendly Fire. They were so cute in it. Again, a misunderstanding have cause them to break up but eventually they have a happy ending.
Kenneth and Tavia
I don't think I need to say much of this couple. My blog pretty much say it all. Especially with my 'Kenneth and Tavia' page.
And last but not least Tavia's real life partner, Him Law.
I'm happy that Tavia found someone that she can be with. I think they are cute but I would so love it if she could with Kenneth or Ruco. I would say Raymond too but he already have a girlfriend. I would say Bosco too but for some reason I think Ruco and Kenneth make a great partner for her. Anyway, as long as Tavia is happy then I'm happy for her.
I think Tavia has a really friendly personality base on the interview and friendship she has with her friends.
I may have miss some of her co-stars such as Frankie Lam and Tavia Yeung in Face to Fate but I would like to list the one that I think she is cute with.

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