Monday, 27 August 2012

Tiger Cubs eps 6,7,8

In eps six, Pierre Ngo made his appearance as the son of the man that own a fruit shop. Wilson Tsui want to be the boss of the fruit markets. So he always bullied Pierre's father, things went bad and eventually Pierre's father had to go to the hospital. His father was in a coma.

Pierre's soon-to-be-marry-girlfriend in the next month was rape by Wilson and she commit suicide. Pierre got mad and hunt Wilson down.

Eventually SDU came and save the day. Wilson had to go to jail because he kill someone and blame it to Pierre.

Christine found out that Oscar and Mandy was pretending to be together. Him seems like he like Mandy.

In eps seven, Sam Chan made his appearance. Sam had a history. He used to go to jail and recently, his mother ask Joe's dad to hire Sam. Joe's dad own Sam and his mother so he agree. Joe's dad always has faith in Sam that he will starts again.

Sam join with Eric Li and together they plan to kill this man. Sam was suppose to kill the man dead but instead he shot the man in his leg. Eric thought he kill the man and praise Sam. Joe's dad found out and try to stop Sam but Eric hit the man in the head and throw his body in the dumpster.
Eventually, SDU came and save the day. Eric, Sam and the other in the gang held hostages to random people in the restaurant. Eric, Sam and the other was trapped. Oscar shoot Eric straight in the head and he died.

Sam redemption himself and Joe's dad was save.

In eps eight, we get to know more about William Chak, whom is a member of SDU. William wanted to open a fitness centre. SDU team had a quiz they need to complete about rich people. Him and William was selected for the next mission. The mission to protect young rich people. Him and William was meant to blend in with them. The young rich people was a target for the international theft, therefore they needed SDU and Jessica's team. Grace Wong, Ronald Law, Daniel Chau (one of the twins), Alan Wan, Nathan Ngai, Adam Ip and many more were among the rich people.

During the mission, Alan Wan was a player. He was screaming help in the hotel room and William, two of the 'security' SDU rushes in and turn it was no harm. The young rich people found out that William and Him was undercover SDU. Grace like Him. Him ignore her. William thinks Him is lucky.

Grace went to Him's hotel room and made Him drinks champagne. Later, Him felt dizzy. Grace strip Him and push him out of the corridor. All the young rich ladies laugh and tease Him. Him was embarrass.

Alan Wan want to leave the hotel alone. He drove away to meet up with Christine and another girl. They chat and drink. Later Alan drove Christine away. The whole time Oscar and Benjamin was following them. Alan drove Christine to a beautiful scenery. Oscar came and took Christine away. Alan had no choice but to return to the hotel.

The young riches were on a bus and were attack. Him, William and one of the SDU  were on the bus. When the bus driver stop and took out a gun and started to shoot people, the SDU guy shoot him back but the other gang came in and shot one of the SDU  and the man that was a tour guide dead.

By the time SDU came to the bus, they found out that the man died and the SDU  man died. They all felt really sad.

All the young rich people were trap in a small place. Eventually everyone was set free as soon as their family were willing to paid. Only Him, William, Grace and Alan were left.

Him was released. The theft made Him faint. When Him woke up, he attack the driver and came back to rescue the others. SDU were on their way.

The theft went in the place and Alan was about to expose William's true SDU identity. Luckily, William stop him. The theft was about to shoot Alan but William block him and William was shot. Him came back and save William and the others life. The theft was shot dead.

The four of them ran for their lives. Him piggy back William because of his injury. Grace slip and Him, William, Alan help her. Grace felt bad because she used to treated them really bad. William was in pain, so they rest and the thieves saw the reflection of them from a mirror. Luckily, Jessica shout out 'police,' and they ran away. The four ran way too.

Jessica chase the robbers, they went on the bus and drove away. Jessica was on the bus and shot one of them dead. Jessica's step on the bus driver's foot, which happen to be driving. Jessica made the bus drove really fast, almost to the point where Jessica and the man was almost killed. Joe had to stop her.

William was in the hospital. He had minor injury. Alan and Grace came and visit them. Alan offer William money to buy a fitness centre but William denied.

Joe came to visit Jessica. He suggest she should go to the therapist.

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