Thursday, 13 September 2012

Witness Insecurity Thoughts

I finished watching this drama for a while now. I still can't believe the ending just end like that with Bosco's dead in Linda's arm. Sure it is romantic but I wanted this couple to be together. The whole series was just about Linda liking Bosco and Bosco liking Linda back. They were so cute together. I wanted this couple to work unlike Bottled Passion.

The whole series, Bosco never said that he like her, it was always Linda admitting that she like him. It was Linda wanting to know more about Bosco's childhood. It was Bosco that broke Linda's heart over and over again unintentionally. I felt like this series is just a beginning of a beginning. I wanted more out of this series. I was hoping that this series could have a sequel so that it could answers my unanswered questions. I want to dig more out of this series but I couldn't. TVB made this series very excited to watch. I don't know if it was just me or what but I expected a lot from this drama.

Witness Insecurity is my favourite drama and a drama that I'm completely obsessed since The Hippocratic Crush. I love this drama so much and I wanted Bosco and Linda to be together. How hard is it for Bosco and Linda to be together despite all the up and downs? I mean, it took them a lot of stages to get them where they are now.

Linda was depressed and Bosco open her to the world. TVB can't just made a girl life so beautiful then watch it fall. I feel sorry for Linda, what's going to happen after Bosco's death? She's going to hide herself from the world again. She's going to be all alone. Haven't Linda suffered enough already, why take everything from her in just one day, her father, uncle and now her true love, Bosco. What is wrong with the storyline? I mean, the storyline is very touching and loving but I wanted more than Linda like Bosco. What happen to 'they lived happily ever after' ending?

Linda and Bosco is a great on-screen couple. Shouldn't they have a chance to be together? I like how in the end Bosco wore the blue helmet and Linda saw it. She was happy. Until, Bosco spat out blood and roll down and died in her arm. This love story is really a forbidden one, isn't it?

I could only hope, if they have a sequel, it be a happy one.


  1. I do agree with your all of your idea I feel the same after I watch this drama. The ending is so touching and regret so much.

    Why Bosco died? Linda should live happily with Bosco....because they have not chance to see each other much in this drama.

    I wish that TVB will have a sequel of this drama with a happy ending of Bosco & Linda.

    1. Exactly, I really want Linda and Bosco to be together as I have mention above.

      Finger cross that TVB will have a series where Linda and Bosco actually end up together with a happy ending >.<