Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tiger Cubs eps 9

Natalie Tong and Eddie Li is a couple again. Yay! They were a couple in 'Heart of Fencing.'

Natalie is a therapist. She is Jessica friend. (Natalie hates Jessica because of childhood)

Natalie and her gang shoot bad people alive for "justice" and "fun". I find it scary because the gun that they used were meant for a hobbies not to shoot people. Its scary to see that how cruel could they be.

Natalie's give Jessica medicine that doesn't help her recover. Joe seemed suspicious with Natalie.

In the end Jessica was the target. Joe came and save the day. Jessica recover.

There's nothing to mention much. This eps to me is quite boring. It's nice to see Eddie and Natalie as a couple but I don't like this case at all. My favourite case would have to be eps 8, when Him and William went undercover as rich and famous. Love that eps.

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