Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tiger Cubs eps 11

Lately Tiger Cubs has bored me a little. Maybe because of the storyline hasn't really focus on most of the exciting part.

In this eps, Jazz Lam plays a low IQ guy, who happens to be Mandy's friend since little. Derek Kwok is the head of a village where Mandy grew up. Derek is a mean person always making Jazz does dumb stuff.

I feel sorry for Jazz as time because he really wants to be a police.

Him and Mandy gets closer and closer. Mandy told Him the reason why she is afraid of heights. Him wants to help Mandy, so he help her fight her fears by jumping off a four storey building. At the bottom of the building is a mattress to protect them. Hands in hands, Mandy and Him jump. Yay!

Him even help Mandy by asking Joe if Joe could ask the boss for Mandy to join SDU.

I think Him likes Mandy. Don't you guys agree?

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