Saturday, 15 September 2012

Three Kingdom eps 19-22

Kenneth told Tavia the truth that he never like her. He told her that they can still be friends. Tavia cried so badly. Kenneth felt guilty. There was time when he would ask people how Tavia was feeling. Once, he saw Tavia down the street and he avoid her. He watch her from a distance.

Raymond and Kenneth are best friend. They constantly say that they trust one another.

Kaki was dying and a doctor came. Kenneth told Raymond to allow the doctor to help save Kaki. Raymond agree because he trusted Kenneth. Kaki was saved.

Pierre was drunk and killed a highly rank man. Only Ruco, Raymond, an old man knows the secret. However, Kenneth saw Ruco and his worker digging a whole in the middle of the night. Kenneth wanted to found out the truth behind this. There were times when Kenneth could be killed but Raymond and the man save his life by sending Kenneth away from the villages. Kenneth was forced to moved away. Pierre and Ruco wanted to killed Kenneth so that he would never wanted to found out the truth.

On the way, Kenneth was assassinate by the people that Ruco ordered. Luckily, he ran into Tavia and Tavia once again saved his life.

Tavia helped Kenneth escape. Kenneth didn't know the way so Tavia helped him. They walk for a while in silence. Kenneth told Tavia that she was the kindest person he ever met. When Tavia left, Kenneth had a moment to reflect. He ran back and shout out loud that he likes her. So cute! Finally, he confess his feeling. Only that Tavia wasn't there.

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