Saturday, 15 September 2012

Tiger Cubs eps 13 (Finale)

Kenneth returned. He and JJ Jia was going to moved to a small island and lived as a normal life.

While Kenneth and JJ Jia escape on the boat, Vincent shot the engine and it exploded. The explosion made JJ Jia burn her face. Kenneth seek revenge for his wife.

In the end, Vincent died on the cross. JJ Jia shot him dead in front of Joe. At that moment I felt terribly sad because a good SDU member died by doing his job. I didn't quite get to know much about Vincent's character, so it didn't hurt as much when he died as Bosco's death in Witness Insecurity.

Mandy pass the SDU and she became the first female to be a part of SDU.

JJ Jia died due to the chemical in the explosion. Kenneth died due to the bomb that he attach to himself. He wanted to kill everyone with him but Joe stop him and fell in the water. Joe survived.

Oscar and Christine dated. Joe and Jessica was on the plane. Joe wanted to propose but some case pop up and they couldn't. SDU was on the way to the plane. Joe even smile and told Jessica, "Look like we won't escape SDU,"

I love this drama. The whole time I was hoping that Him and Mandy could be together. It seemed like their just friends. So glad that the couples work out.

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