Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Three Kingdom eps 11-14

The first two eps is about Mary Hon faking a will that her husband left behind. The will stated that Vin Choi will be the next in line. In fact the one that was meant to be next in line is Jack Wu.

Raymond, Kenneth and other people tried to proves that the will was fake.

Meanwhile, Kenneth joined forced with the men that wanted Raymond dead. In the end the two men was sentenced to jail.

Raymond and Kenneth had figure out how the will is fake. The theory was that the paper was hidden within other important files, Mary's husband sign the paper in a rush and sign an empty paper without noticing half a year ago. Mary lost the battle.

Tavia really like Kenneth and always want to meet him. When she does, he felt uncomfortable because the two wives of the warlord threaten him, if he ever hurt Tavia he will be dead. Kenneth told Tavia to leave him alone. Tavia felt sad. She is confused.

Raymiond and his wife, Kaki relationships develop closer as it goes.

The other part of China wants to fight Raymond's side for the land. Kenneth SMS his sister and ask who will win? In reply, Raymond's lost badly. So Kenneth had to tried to prevent this from happening. They tried to ask Mary Hon to join with them. Mary agree since she had no choice too.

Meanwhile, people from jail escape and most got killed. The bad man that wants Raymond dead escape and travel to the other side of China that wanted to fight Raymond's side, to help. He ended up coming with a plan that persuades Mary Hon to denied the offer to help Raymond's.

Raymond, Kenneth, warlord and the rest of the villagers had no choice but to all moved to another village. They took the long way for safety. There was 3 groups. The first group was the women includes Tavia, two wives and the slaves. The second group is the villagers includes Raymond, Kenneth, Kaki, warlord and others. The third group is the soldiers.

They walk to the destination. It was dangerous as along the way the rival team catch up and kill most people.

Group one got a head start, news was that the rival was catching up so they had to run. One of the wives twisted her ankle so Tavia stay back and help her, the second wife held on to the baby and run, though she hesitated.

Tavia and the wife ran to catch up but hid themselves because the others was capture by the rival, including the second wife and the baby. Tavia ran on her own to cried for help. It was dangerous becasue she could get killed anytime.

Tavia reach one of the warlord. He and his soldier quickly went to save them.

The warlord appear and save the baby and the second wife, as he plan to but there was too many soldiers running towards them. At first the warlord was fine, but eventually he couldn't deal with it. The second wife sacrifice herself for the baby to be saved.

The villagers came across the bridge. Raymond to them to run in rhythm as the bridge could break. The rival catch up and Kenneth told them to stomp. It was a way to break the bridge so that the rival can't cross. Eventually every good person cross the bridge. Kenneth scream out to one of the scary but good warlord to scream out loud. His scream damage the bridge. The rival team couldn't cross!

Kenneth and everyone else arrive safely in the new village. Warlord found out his second wife's sacrifice. The first wife mention that without Tavia helps then she couldn't stand her right now. Kenneth seemed to worried about Tavia. One of the guard came in and said a girl said that she is Tavia and they need someone to confirm who she is.

Kenneth went out and saw Tavia, weak, tired and he ran to her. Tavia seemed to be very happy. She collapse as she is tired. When Tavia woke up, she requested that she wanted to see Kenneth. Kenneth sang her a song. It seemed that love spark between Kennth and Tavia. Yay!

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