Saturday, 8 September 2012

Witness Insecurity eps 13-16

So loving this drama right now!!!

Bosco came and visit Linda in hospital. Things seem to work out pretty fine since now that Linda's dad doesn't stop them form being together.

Sapura, a man that Linda's dad and her uncle had history about came to Hong Kong for a business.

Things got worst when Bosco was searching for a case and realise that Sapura and Linda's mum has a history together. Bosco ask Linda's dad some questions about the case. Linda's dad explain.

Linda went oversea to cure her hand. She sent Bosco a postcard.

Linda's dad gave Bosco two choices. One is quit as a police or, two don't ever see Linda again. He had one month to think about it.

Bosco was struggling to choose since he admitted that Linda is important to him.

Before the expire date, Linda's dad told Bosco that it is best to they have a great relationship, otherwise Linda will be stuck between them.

Bosco ask Linda out and lied to her that he couldn't forget his ex, and that she reminds him of his ex. He apology to her if he had let her misunderstood with anything.

Linda felt sad but she told herself that she will wait for him.

Sapura made Linda's dad give him a large amount of money other wise the truth is out. Sapura shot Linda's dad and Sapura was shot by Linda's dad worker in the stomach.

Linda and Cila went to places where Bosco grew up. Linda wanted to go because she wanted to know more about Bosco.

Linda waited for Bosco. Bosco saw Linda and she ask him to give her 3 minutes. She told him that she will not give up on him. Bosco told her that she should find someone else that deserve it. He told her to promise him that she will live to the fullest. Bosco is so sweet to her. Linda give Bosco a blue helmet. She told him that when he likes her, wear this helmet and find her. So cute!!!

Ronald is heart broken because Cila broke up with him.

I really like Bosco and Ronald Law bromance. They always got each other back.

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