Saturday, 15 September 2012

Three Kingdom RPG Thoughts

Kaki Leung and Raymond Lam
I find this couple is really cute. Kaki is a caring and understanding wife. She always thought and help Raymond when he is facing some difficulties. Kaki is different to most wife back at those time. She will often translate scripts for Raymond, make him tea and give him her opinions. Whereas, Raymond is a loving and caring husband. He would always thought about what Kaki thinks. There was a part when Kaki almost died, he told her that once the war is over, he will follow her. It seemed that Raymond really loves Kaki. At first, when I watched this drama, I found Kaki's character is weak and annoying, afterward I found her character rather loving. She always put others before herself especially when it comes to Raymond. I love how this couple, when they have free time they would play ancient chess. They would often discuss about work. I love when they would often feed each other peanut while playing chess. This couple is very cute together. I honestly admired this couple. The way they can know what each other is thinking is so cute. They have a lot of chemistry together.

Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung
At first I found that Tavia's character is very annoying at times. She love Kenneth so much to the point that she can't let him go. Her love towards Kenneth is very sweet but at time I feel so sorry for her because Kenneth doesn't like her. Kenneth once describe this as "no feel." I want Kenneth to tell her the truth so that Tavia doesn't always have to hold on false hope that he likes her back.  I really believe that Kenneth should get a hold of himself and tell her the truth. When Kenneth did told her the truth, I often wonder why Kenneth seemed to care so much about Tavia after he told her that he had "no feel" towards her. Near the very end of eps 22, Kenneth finally realise that he love her and ran to find her. He finally shout out 'I love you,' to Tavia. Often I think finally he says it, but is it too late.
Kenneth Ma and Raymond Lam
I love the way their so close that they can know what each other is thinking. I love even more is that they trust one another. The bond between these two is very close. I love even more is that they trust one another with their life. Words can't describe enough of the bond and friendship they had together. 

Kenneth Ma and Jonathan Cheung
I can't tell you how much I love the bond these two has. They're so close together. I love how Jonathan and Kenneth hang out at the tree. I love how Jonathan is so close to Kenneth to the point he will rise his life to save Kenneth. Even more is that Kenneth really cares about Jonathan, one time he requested for Jonathan to be the door guard instead of the soldier in the army, he only done that so Jonathan doesn't died. It seemed that these two really cares for one another. Jonathan's character is a very adorable one. Love how he is so dopey but in a cute way. Kenneth admitted that Jonathan is his best friend.
Credit to pictures: TVB  

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