Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Confidant eps 9-10

The King was playing hide and seek with the eunuch. Power and Wayne believe that the King has escape outside of the palace.

Power led Wayne to a place that sell the palace vase. This action was forbidden. Power and Wayne mistaken another eunuch as the King. Power escape but Wayne got caught. At this point, Power would've left Wayne. Power came back to save Wayne's life. Power lied that he bought Wayne along to learn how this work. Power said that his great uncle just want Power to be here to check on things.

Power told Wayne to never tell anyone about what just happen.

Power and Wayne split up to search for the King.

Maggie Shiu knew where the king was hiding. She was about to wake the king, but she chose not to and order her maid to lock the room that the king was hiding.

The King woke up and tried to leave but the door was lock, he accidentally set the place on fire. At that moment Wayne came and save the king life.

Edwin and Wayne was order to serve Michelle Yim as they save the King. Power warn Wayne that working for the queen is a lot harder. He said good luck best friend, then he said 'Wait, we're not friends!'

I think I am starting to like Power here, it seem that Power isn't as bad as the start.

Aimee want to help Raymond Wong but he told her to not help him otherwise Power will bullied him. Aimee took revenge on Power. She made Power piggy-back her upstairs and downstairs many times. Power was tired and ask her did he did anything that offend her, please forgive him. Aimee told him that he didn't hurt her but hurt Raymond Wong. Raymond Wong is her best friend, if he hurt Raymond, he hurt Aimee. She even said that your so mean you probably had no friends.

Wayne taught Michelle Yim how to ride a bike.

Oscar Chan finally had dialogs. I am so happy to finally see Oscar had something to say, although he is on Power's great uncle side. His on the bad side and I don't want him to be on the bad side, I want Oscar to be on Wayne side. Maybe Oscar can help Wayne and Raymond Cho by telling them the Great uncle plans.

Raymond Cho continue to search for his long sister but found that she is dead. Raymond Cho wants to be the eunuch in power. He believes that he had Michelle Yim to back him up that he can do just about anything.


  1. Power definitely gets much more likable ;) One of my favs actually! hehe :) He was an asshole but not truly bad...actually felt that he's just picking on people b/c he's lonely. Remember the part where everybody (wayne, nancy etc) were all so happy and went to see the fireworks, you could see that POwer was jealous seeing that they're friends....

    oh btw! Your banner of Kenta is finished ;)

    1. I think I am starting to like Power's character too. At first when I watched the first two eps, I hated Power's character because he was so mean to Raymond Wong, and now I actually think Power's character does have a soft spot after all.

      Thanks for the banner btw. I really like it. Ironic much, I used that picture in my TVB Couples, which were posted a few month back.