Friday, 11 January 2013

The Confidant eps 15-20

Eric Li's character died because of poison. Although Wayne would've save him but choose not too because Eric had hurt Nancy enough.

Nancy came back to the palace and work for Michelle Yim. Michelle knew that Wayne always worried about Nancy, so she allow Nancy to come back to the palace so that Wayne could focus on the work.

Raymond Wong, Raymond Cho, Wayne, Edwin and Power are god-brothers. Love the bond they had for each other.

Raymond Wong and Aimee Chan escape the palace but got caught. Raymond told Aimee to forget about him and married another man. Aimee loved toward Raymond was unchanged, before she left she wrote poem and put in into Raymond's medicine book. She drew four mandarin representing Raymond's name. Why can't a princess and an eunuch be together?! Is it that Raymond is a eunuch that they can't be together? Just because his a eunuch doesn't mean his not human. Raymond is like every men out there except one thing. He can't have children ever in his life. But he and Aimee love each so so so much, yet it is forbidden for them to be together. Why???

Power is now the King's follower, because he impress the King with his tofu dish.

Michelle Yim hated Maggie Shiu because she tried to poison her. Michelle will never forgive Maggie's no matter what she does.

Raymond Wong, Raymond Cho, Wayne, Edwin, Power, Nancy and other eunuch watch the firework.

Many years has passed.

Everyone grew older and wiser. Oscar Leung played as the older version of the King.

Michelle Yim told Oscar to choose his queen. She favour Cila Lok because she is the daughter of some man.  Whereas, Oscar fell in love with Natalie Tong, which happen to be Michelle worst nightmare. Natalie is the daughter of some man and she is somehow related Maggie Shiu. To Michelle, anything related to Maggie is evil.

Power and Wayne had no choice but to promise Oscar Leung that they will help Natalie became the queen. Good Luck on that Power and Wayne.

Oscar Chan has so little screen time that I can barely spot him anymore. Does anyone know which series Oscar Chan is in this year that he will had a lot more screen time?!

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