Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Michelle Yim and Maggie Shiu relationship in The Confidant

I been thinking lately about the way Michelle treated Maggie. Does she deserve what she get? I mean, sure I get why Michelle is mad at Maggie, because Maggie tried to poison her and tried to take the throne away from Michelle.

After all those year Michelle have the 'cold shoulder' towards Maggie, all those time Maggie have been feeling terrible about herself. Maggie felt guilty and had been praying and asking for forgiveness. Still, the good thing about Maggie is that she acknowledge her mistakes and apologize. She been seeking for forgiveness for a very long time. How long can Maggie last? How long will Michelle hate her?

All I've been wondering all this time, is, if someone made a mistakes and they acknowledge it, will you forgive them? What happen if the mistakes was too much to be forgive, like Maggie tried to poison Michelle? What happen if Maggie decided to poison Michelle and didn't stop her from drinking the poison? There's too much 'what if,' yet here I am still watching the drama and still wondering, does Maggie deserve this?

People make mistakes in life. Let's face it, we all do. So if someone hurt you pretty badly, would you give them a second chance? Shouldn't Michelle Yim gives Maggie Shiu a second chance? Everyone deserve a second chance as long as they acknowledge their mistakes and apologize. Maggie did it. Now, Michelle just need to say that she forgive her and allow Oscar Leung to be with the woman he loved, Natalie Tong. Oscar wanted to married Natalie and made her queen, but because Natalie is somehow related to Maggie, Michelle wouldn't allow them to be together!

I been going on too much, but I am just wondering will Michelle Yim ever forgive Maggie Shiu? I just know that I have to keep watching to seek for the answer that I desired.

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  1. Dude, would you forgive someone who tried to kill you? It would've been bad enough thinking of killing her let alone actually attempt it.