Friday, 18 January 2013

My Childhood Stars

Funny how time flies by. Childhood seem like yesterday.

Steven Ma
I like him since watching 'Perish In The Name Of Love,' it was my favourite childhood TVB series. He was so cute with Charmaine Sheh as a couple. In the drama Steven and Charmaine was childhood friends but somehow Charmaine left and work in his lantern company, Steven couldn't recognise her.

Charmaine Sheh
I like her in 'Perish In The Name Of Love.' When I was little, I actually thought Charmaine Sheh and Steven Ma were a married couple in real life. Now, I know what a fool I've been.

Sonja Kwok
I like her a lot in 'The Legend Of Love,' she was a fairy and breaks all the rule to live in Earth and search for her true love. She is an amazing actress.

In Cupid Stupid, Steven didn't end up with the girl he loved.
In When Lane Merge, Sonja didn't end up with the guy she loved.

Steven and Sonja were a cute on-screen couple in The 7th Day.

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