Monday, 7 January 2013

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles eps 25-28

Ron hit his head hard and now he is currently living with the Chung family, where Rebbecca can look after him. Apparently, Ron can only remember Rebbecca and he seem to "faking" it somehow.

Tavia and Damien argued about Idly having the right to meet Ben Wong.

Ben Wong got bash by Vincent Wong. Ben lost a leg, he attempted to suicide but was saved. Idly beleive that Damien order someone to bash Ben because he was her ex-lover.

Sire and Adrian are secretly dating. They are so cute together.

Damien doesn't care about Vincent anymore because he know that that Vincent was the one that bash Ben.

Vincent and Elena Kong were sad that no one care about them so they drink together.

Vincent Wong got drunk and did "it" with Charmaine Li. I really dislike Charmaine right now, doesn't she know that he is using her. His drunk and he doesn't even care about who you are. His using you just for the sake of it. Wake up, Charmaine Li!!!

Damien had a one night with JJ Jia. He used her to make Tavia jealous.

Could this story get any more confuse?

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