Sunday, 2 December 2012

My Favourite TVB characters' couples

*if that make sense

The following couple listed are from dramas that I've seen this year and completely adore them.

Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung
The Hippocratic Crush

Kenneth played the doctor character quite splendid. I would have to say this is his breakthrough role. I really like the part when Kenneth mention one of Tavia's quote that she mention in her love letters to him. It is so cute; proves that he read her letters. My other part is when Tavia confess to Kenneth because there was a cake that had the words 'I love you' and she thought that Kenneth was confessing his feeling to her. Turn out it wasn't. The part when he pre-propose to her was a big hit, his words are so touching. Their first dates was so cute. I love this couple and can't wait until The Hippocratic Crush 2 is out. I also love the theme song by Joey Yung!

Raymond Wong and Nikki Chow
Bottled Passion

I love the plot of this drama. It was so addictive. I absolute love it when Raymond made his master revenge on the family that had ruins his life when he was little while he was searching milk-lolly girl. I love the love story between Li How (Raymond Wong's character) and milk lolly girl. It's good to know that Raymond Wong's is nominated for Glove Come Off and Nikki Chow is nominated for her milk lolly girl role! I also love the theme song by Teresa Chueng

Linda Chung and Bosco Wong
Witness Insecurity

Bosco is so cute in this series! Always love his acting! Linda and Bosco are so cute as a couple even though they didn't officially dated in the series. I didn't like the tragic ending though. They were forbidden to be together; just when they finally can be together he died! The Most Happy Thing by Linda Chung suits the drama a lot!

Kenny Wong and Aimee Chan
The Last Steep Ascent

I love this couple right now! Kenny is so good for her. He would leave everything behind for her, so that she wouldn't have to commit suicide. When Aimee moved to the big town, Kenny would often bough her flowers (she likes the smell of it). They were seen as cousin around other people eyes because they couldn't really let everyone know who Aimee true identity is. Aimee really likes Kenny and I know Kenny feel the same way towards her. I'm up to eps 23 now! Can't wait until this couple spark! (To know more about the series read my drama review above)

Him Law and Mandy Wong
Diva in Distress

They're the reason why I watch this drama in the first place! I love how Him is so mean and cool around Mandy. Mandy is so adorable in this drama! They have collide together for 5 series already!

And that is it!

Drama I am currently watching:
The Last Steep Ascent
Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles

Drama I am waiting for release (You might have seen it but I haven't yet)
The Confidant- 45th Anniversary drama!

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