Sunday, 9 December 2012

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles eps 3-10

Damien chose to help Tavia at the last minutes. She had her freedom back.

Kenneth and Tavia had a lot of scenes together. Every single time there both together, I was hoping that Kenneth and Tavia would like each other.

Instead, Tavia begins to like Damien. She thought he like her too but she was wrong. He was using her to make Idly Chan jealous. Tavia got pretty mad and decided to use the paper to make up some gossip news about them to ruin his reputation.

Meanwhile, Ron was bash and somehow, Kenneth appear and bought him to hospital. Rebbecca and Kenneth first meeting. I still had no idea how they're going to like each other to the point of marriage. I just need to keep watching.

Adrian Chau and Sire Ma had their first meeting. Although it didn't turn out as romantic as I thought it be. Adrian was getting yelled at by Vincent Wong because he didn't do his job right as a policemen.

Sammy Sum made his appearance as Idly's younger brother from Japan.

Idly Chan, ex-lover, Ben Wong had bought the relationship of Idly and Damien to the test.

Damien was mad at Idly because he knew that she and Ben had a history together.

Damien decided to chase Tavia. The two spent a night together. Tavia thought that he had finally love her but he heart still belong to Idly.

Idly knew that Tavia love Damien and told her husband to marry Tavia because she wanted him to be happy.

Damien propose to Tavia and promise that she will be the last woman he marry.

Ron is super protective when it comes to Rebbecca. He warn Kenneth to stay away from Rebbecca.

Rebecca's dad was killed because of Damien, who had made her dad from witness turn to murderer.

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