Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Happy 29th Birthday Oscar Chan!

I wish Oscar Chan the very best in his career and will have more chances to have more screen time.
Does anyone here wants Oscar to have more screen time?
What do you think of his acting?

I remember watching him in 'A Great Way to Care 2' where he play a role of  a policeman in Tavia's team, that is the role that I've seen him having quite a few screen-time. His most memorable one is 'The Winter Melon Tale' and his 'Season of Fate' role where he's the rich guy and full of himself. And lets not forget the role that I've couldn't believe it is Oscar that's playing it, his role in 'Gun Metal Grey' were quite dark and heartless. Oscar is an amazing actor but doesn't seem to be making it on big screen a lot. I hope that he can shine like Fred Cheng has shine recently in his singing. And this is the reason why I've made a page about Oscar. I'm hoping that people can notice him more. Oscar deserve more recognition, don't you agree?

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