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A Change of Heart eps 15- 30 Finale

This is going to be a very long post.

Michael save Nikki from falling off the building. Joey suspect that her husband could be in love with Nikki. Bosco confess his feeling to Nikki and somehow they begin to date. Mandy became Bosco's assistance. I don't remember much because I've skips a few episodes.

Nikki found out who killed her mother, at first she thought it is Michael but it isn't. He has only steal the money to start a company. The person that kill her mother is Elaine's mother. She is young back then and accidentally kill Nikki's mother.

Nikki found some gaps in Bosco the doctor's case and belive that Joey has something to do with it. She drives behind Nikki and Bosco. Bosco has no choice to speed up causing Nikki to crash into a tree. Her vision is temporarily blind.

Joey and Benjamin has an affair, Vincent and Elaine found out. They were shock. JJ Jia eventually found out about the affair, she has the thought to jump down from her apartment but she didn't because Nikki has sent her a picture of the smiling clouds, the smiling clouds represent forgiveness and treasur everything you have.

JJ Jia ask Benjamin to leave the company and live with her in Shanghai to start all over again, at first he hesitate but after a while he decide to leave. Before he left, he request Joey to pay him $100 million because he knows Joey's deepest darkest secret and they are she works with a business man to give him money which is bad cash... she was the one that killed the doctor Bosco. Yup, she did it and she is so evil.

By the way, what I'm mentioning here are the last four episodes.
Nikki could see again, and she is back to work as a team leader in CID police feild.

JJ Jia heard that Benjamin is talking in the phone and he sound ferious, he tells her that he will go to the office and return home late. At this point, I'm thinking that he will died, I don't know why but TVB drama seem to be quite easy to read, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, JJ Jia call Nikki to tell her that her husband is going to the office and that she is worry about him. Nikki arrive at the office and found Benjamin angrily choke Joey and is about to stab her. In defence, Nikki shoot Benjamin in the arm but he move and she shoot at his neck. He died.

Joey report to the police that Benjamin did surrender but Nikki shoot him anyway. Joey lied to the police and made Nikki has to takes a few weeks off from her job.

Fast forward, everyone finally realise that Bosco has always been on Michael's side. Bosco has always been on the good side but he pretend that he is working for Joey to get information from her.

By the way, Joey has a huge scar on her face because a bussinessman she mess with got furious and did that to her. Michael got revenge but he choose to keep the bussinessman's family alive because he choose to forgive them.

Sammy Sum found a video that were record by Bosco's camera which he snuck in Joey's office of Benjamin and Joey's argument before Nikki came and shoot Benjamin.

Sammy made money using the video to Joey. Joey agree but ask Sammy to do something for her in exchange before giving him the money.
She made him pretend to write a letter stating that Michael is the one that kill the doctor Bosco.
When Bosco found the letter he were furious, he went to the car park and someone hits his heard hard and he faint, he briefly saw a vision of the man.

Bosco report to the police and said that Michael kill his brother. Joey blame that Michael did it.

Fast forward, Nikki found out it is Sammy that betray them. Sammy run to Joey and ask for money. He got a car crash by running away from Nikki and Tomato C. He died.

Joey is lonely and drinks a lot at the bar. She briefly saw a man that looks like Sammy. She run to the car park to get to her car, and she saw briefly the man that looks like Sammy. She goes inside her car and saw the doctor Bosco in the car. She got out and saw Nikki. Nikki disappear and the entire car in the car park begins to honk. Joey panic and Nikki ask why did she lied to the policeman that Nikki shoot Benjamin when he surrender but he didn.t?

Joey confess all her wrongs including the fact that she killed the doctor Bosco and lied to the policeman about Nikki's mistakes and made Sammy write the fake letter.

Everyone comes out of their hiding spot and Joey is arrested.

Joey thought, "Michael has a second chance in life but do I get a second chance in living?"

The car that is driving Joey drives and accidentally falls in the ocean.

Everyone lives but Joey is missing.

Nikki told Bosco that she will be traveling around the world. Bosco told her that he will waits for her.

JJ Jia decide to leave to Shanghai and start all over again.

One year later
Everyone has a happy ending. Vincent and Elaine, Mandy found a husband that loves her and her husband happen to be rich and she didn't know when they first date. Bosco is still waiting for Nikki.

He meets Nikki again at the bridge where they could see fireflies. He propose to her and she finally agrees.

Nikki were at her wedding dress fitting when suddenly she sees a different reflection of herself in the mirror.
Bosco receives a phone call from Joey. Joey said that Nikki is lock up somewhere and Bosco has to search for her, looking for red balloon. He arrive at each destination and Joey's record voicemail tells him to look for another place. He arrive at the place where all the hard box of deliveries goes. I don't know what that place is call.

Meanwhile, Michael is at home. He receive a text from Nikki stating that she loves him and is force to marry Bosco. The door bells ring and Nikki walks in and forcefully kiss Michael. He push her away and said that Bosco is his best friend. He doesn't love her. He only loves one person and that is his wife, Joey.
Nikki cry and said, "Is this the truth?" Michael turn to his surprise and Nikki said, "I thought that you love Nikki so I have plastic surgery to look like her, do you know how much I hate this girl, I don't get why everyone treats her so kindly...." Joey has plastic surgery to looks like Nikki.

Michael threaten Joey to tell him where he hide Nikki otherwise he would stab himself. She's afraid and told him.

Michael arrive with the policemen and Bosco. They were surprise that Joey looks exactly like Nikki. Eventually, Joey reveal where she hides Nikki. Michael were standing underneath a pile of boxes that were falling off and Joey shout out, "Be careful, my husband," and she push him out of the way. The boxes hit Joey and she said her last words before she died, "We were lucky to have a second chance to live. You were lucky to have a heart transition to live a better life and start all over again, I have a second chance to live but I didn't treasure it good enough..."

Nikki and Bosco were finally married. :)
Michael farm eggplants and a primary school teacher shouts to him that she has bought her class to look at the eggplants. The primary school teacher resemble his wife, Joey.


This drama has one of the best ending yet. I like how Joey has plastic surgery to look like Nikki, its very different to TVB typical ending. I like how Nikki plays Joey's character, it's quite believable.
Bosco and Michael, what can I say? I like both of them a lot in this drama.  I really like Bosco and Nikki as a couple, they're so cute together. Definitely one of the better dramas of TVB this years. Maybe this drama could be TVB Best drama of the year. Who knows?

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