Friday, 5 April 2013

Season of Love- Summer eps 7-10 (Finale)

In the game show, four guys were supposed to take Kate out on a date and Kate is not allow to know where the location is until on the day.  For Otto Chan, he chose to take Kate out on an intervention. He wants to make the government notice specific news. From my previous post, I mention a lawyer, my mistakes, the second guy is not a lawyer but I think he supposed to be a banker or something. Well, he took Kate to a fancy dinner and an old lady just came in and praises the second guy.  The third guy, who is the doctor, took her to a classroom where children perform a song on a flute. And the fourth guy, William Chak took Kate on a date outdoor, where they rode on bikes and hiking as well.

The game show consists of 4 guys turns out to be a promotion for 3 in 4 of the guys. The doctor guy turns out to be on dating the music teacher. Otto Chan turn out to be using the promotion so he could get the government attention, the second guy turn out to be lying. Only William Chak was in the competition to seek for love.

Ron still has feeling for Kate and so as Kate. He asks her out on a date, so he could confess to her. In esp. 8, we could see that one of Ron’s legs is replaced.

Ron came to Café Tango and Kate didn’t show up.

Kate met William Chak and they decide to have a cup of coffee, they met Ron and Lee Yee Man.

For the game show, the contestants were to design a dream home for Kate. William won by his fairy-tale home.

Eventually Kate and William dated. William proposes to Kate at Ivana and Eric’s wedding. She agrees.

Kate keep on getting threaten letters to not married William, at first my suspect would be Lee Yee Man but it isn’t.

Kenneth help Kate find the culprit. It wasn’t the three losing contestant and it isn’t one of the director. Oscar Chan is a guest star in one of the esp.

All along the person that wanted Kate to be harm is William. It surprise me a lot, I have no idea it was him, since William seen like a very nice guy.

William’s childhood was that his mother would date many guys once she was married and therefore, William believes that Kate would be no exception. William kidnap Kate, Ron came and save her. William was sent to the hospital.

Ron’s replace leg was seven years ago when he was at Kate’s school in LA, and he have a portrait of Kate but the little kids were playing soccer and accidentally kick the portrait out of the road, Ron went to grab it and there was a car and it crash Ron.

Lee Yee Man confesses to Ron that she likes Ron for seven years; he told her that he only sees her as his sister. Lee Yee Man except it and sees Ron as her brother instead.

Kate loves Ron but she was engage to William. Kenneth told her to chase Ron to the airport but she told him that she is engage to William. Kenneth told him that after she visits William in the hospital, suddenly, William set the animal free, shouting, ‘Summer (Kate) your free, go find your true love!’

Kate ran to the airport and met Ron. They confess their feeling and now they lived happily ever after.

I’m up to autumn now; Nancy, Oscar and Vincent’s story.

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