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Season of love eps 17-20, Myolie and Kenneth's story

I feel like this story has a lot to take in compare from the others.

Kenneth continue help Myolie found out the truth of the receipt dated back in 1997, which is when Myolie were in year 12. Kenneth ask an old man living in the nursing about the receipt that he wrote back in 1997. He couldn't remember and Kenneth told him to practice writing the English scribble words until he remembers it. Kenneth found a diary and the old man claim it is his wife and his own love story. Kenneth ask the old man "how to you know when you're in love?" the old man simply reply, "When you look up in the ceiling and you suddenly see someone face appear," that night Kenneth try it and he saw Myolie's face. He is in love with her. So cute.

Myolie came to the university she was teaching and one of the student ask her to come over and see a statue in bronze in the front of the school. The words was ancient history, and Myolie translate and read it out loud, "I love you, Myolie," she was shock and Kenneth hand her the flowers, he is cover in bronze. She reject him, saying that she is not ready.

Myolie, Kenneth and the old man went onto the tram and take photo. Along the way, they stop at a station and the old man rest. There were a stranger shouting, "Angel, hurry!" the old man wakes up and shout, "Angel! I remember, it was the first words that I wrote, Angel. I don't remember the second word though,"

After that clue, Myolie and Kenneth went to the old shop where it sell old objects. The man that owes that place takes everything that are angel related and it turn out to be none that fit. The man said that he sold nine angel related to other customers. Myolie and Kenneth has found eight of those but it is not the one. The last one happen to be at Sushi restaurant, the man that owes that restaurant hates Kenneth. He told Kenneth, "if you want to take a picture of the object you would have to do something like me. Take one bite, return one bite," Kenneth did as he is told. He ran around the block only wearing his boxer short. Myolie saw him while touring the teenagers about the history. She call Kenneth, and the man pick up, "Take one bite, return one bite," he said.

Myolie ask Kenneth why he did that for her. She told him that he is taking it to seriously than she is.

Myolie is afraid when the sun is set. She's afraid of it and Kenneth would protect her from it. When Myolie is sad, Kenneth told her to draw a sad face on the toast and eat it all up. So sweet!

They visit the hospital and found out that she didn't had a flu and hit her head. She was at a mountain. Kenneth and Myolie decide to go to the mountain. From there Myolie remembers everything. Her dream was the dream of the past. It actually happen. She met this guy at school, who was a senior and they fell in love but her father forbids them to be together. So they escape, they went travelling around HK. They were at the mountain when they saw police, looking for them. They pray to the sunset and am about to jump down the mountain, believing that they could be together. Myolie weak and she didn't jump but the guy did. Myolie climb down the mountain but slip and fell. The guy try to grab her but slip again. That was the story that had the meaning to the receipt. It was the 'Angel guitar.'

Kenneth decide to persuade Myolie again. They met at a building and he told her to look at one of the building. On the building where lights of words ,"I 52 U." Myolie agree.

When Myolie is sad, Kenneth decide to make tricks for her but she got furious and said that everything he is doing is the same as her ex-lover. She broke up with him.

The truth is that Kenneth follow the diary of  the old man living in the nursing. It happen to belong to Myolie's ex-lover. Kenneth return it to her and said that he didn't know. He didn't mean to hurt her.

The last two esp were about Kenneth's childhood. It was about the fact that Kenneth is allergic to eggs but really he isn't. It was about the fact that his father left him and his mother and accidentally throw a pile of eggs on his mother. Kenneth decide to find his father.

Myolie found out that her father lied to her about the flu when really it wasn't that made her lost her memory of 1997, about her and her ex-lover.

When Myolie met her ex-lover again, which he found out that she is searching for him because of Kenneth. He post on the Internet and ask people who knew her ex-lover to come forward. Her ex-lover has change a lot. He begin to talk about he spent 2 years recovering in the US. He came back to HK for her but she moved. So he start his life all over again.

Myolie persuade Kenneth to accept his real father which is the man that lives in the nursing. While Myolie search for her ex-lover in the US but return in HK as soon as she realise that the old man is in the hospital and Kenneth hasn't visit him for a while. Eventually, Kenneth accept the old man when he found out that the old man kept an old family photo of his family.

Kenneth did the same thing for Myolie. He persuade her to forgive her father. She did.

Kenneth went to US with his father for the operation in the US. Myolie continue to live her life. A guy name Peter ask her out to a Sushi restaurant (not the one that I mention before but another one), they bump into Kenneth and a girl. Kenneth said that he has return back to HK  for one month now.

Myolie were walking to the Music store and ordering tickets for her cousin, when she heard her song. The song that she can play to. Curious, she walk to the room and hit her hard on the door. The guy open the door and ask her if she is OK. The guy is Kenneth. Myolie said that she is ordering tickets and heard someone playing the song.

She quickly left the music store and Kenneth follow. She stop and he confess, "I've learnt how to play the guitar before I left to US. I still like you Myolie. I never forgotten about you," Myolie and Kenneth begin to date again. They walk to the mountain.

Myolie said that before he left she came to his workplace, Kenneth said before he left, he came to her workplace. They each took out their gift and hand it to each other. Kenneth gift to Myolie is the old camera that she wanted, and Myolie gift to Kenneth is the film to go with the old camera. They begin to take pictures of the sunset, Myolie is no longer afraid of it.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Kenneth ask Myolie. She smile and kiss him.
The End

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