Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Season Of Love eps 15- Autumn (Finale)

This time the story start with how it is supposed to turn out.

Nancy married Oscar, she became the perfect wife, getting along with her mother-in-laws and loving her husband.

Her relationship with her mother is amazing.

When a blind man waiting for the bus, and the bus driver said that only one person may go on, in the first time she would go on the bus and make the blind man wait, BUT this time she told the blind man that the bus can only have person on, she will give it to the man, he told her he want to go on the bus that will take him to the art exhibition. When they arrive Nancy describe one the artwork to the blind man in detail.

That painting change Nancy and Oscar's life forever.
The old man gave the painting to Nancy and she sold it and bought the salon. Oscar became rich and famous. Nancy became a housewife instead.

When she found out that Oscar is cheating on her with JJ Jia, she chose to give him a second chance. She met Vincent again. Vincent told her that he divorce with his wife because she cheated on him. He told her that he will help her became pretty and win Oscar back.

Vincent taught Nancy how to get fit, dress pretty and know how to taste different types of wines.
Nancy came back home and prepare a romantic meal with Oscar. When Oscar came back home, he force himself to eat with her, and when JJ Jia text him and told him that she want to see him, Oscar make some stupid excuse that he has a meeting with this businessman, Nancy ask him to not leave but Oscar choose to leave her anyway.
Nancy found pictures of Oscar cheating on her on his laptop with other women.

She wrote a letter to Oscar and left for three years.

Three years later, she came back to Hong Kong. She tried this steak at a restaurant and found that Oscar owes the restaurant. Vincent came and talk to Nancy.

Oscar and Nancy married again and have a child.
Vincent did not end up with Nancy.
Picture from Nancy Wu's weibo

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