Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Last Steep Ascent

Moses work with Maggie now. It seem that these two had already develop a crush on each other.

I really like Kenny's character here. He is so nice to Aimee. When Aimee hit rock bottom, he was there to save her. When Aimee was pregnant and she wanted to kill herself, he told her that he will say that the baby is his, even though it isn't. He say he will take her away where no one knows them and live in a quiet life. He could give up everything for her. No wonder she like him. Kenny, however, still couldn't forget his ex-wife, which has the same name as Aimee's character.

Maggie offer Aimee to live with her, Maggie thought that the baby was her husband but it wasn't. It was from the terrible man that ruin her lives (the man that rape her). Aimee agree to because she doesn't want to be selfish and made Kenny leave everything behind.

Maggie need to convince the old lady first, so Aimee is staying at Kenny's place for now.

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