Sunday, 18 November 2012

King Maker Finale

Patrick Tang, Elaine Yiu, Krystal Tin all sacrifice their lives to help Wayne. I felt sympathy towards Patrick because he died to save his brother, Wayne but the truth that he tried to hide was in fact the truth. Pierre is not the king's son.

I dislike Pierre. He tried to kill Chris Lai, Janet Chow and Florence Kwok because they all know that Pierre is not the king's son but Wayne came and save them.

The queen was poison by Kent. I don't like Kent, he want to be the king maker so that he could be in charge of everything. He wanted the world to himself, how selfish is Kent.

Kent was supposed to be killed but Wayne promise Elaine that he wouldn't kill Kent. Instead Kent lived on a stranded island. Each month Wayne and Jack would supplied him a month Worth's of food and water.

Pierre and Natalie became the King and Queen.

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