Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles

Finally, an anniversary drama!
Already I can tell just by looking at the poster, Tavia and Kenneth will not be playing a couple :(
I want them to be a couple in this drama but is doesn't work this way. Instead, Kenneth will be a couple with Rebbecca Zhu and Tavia will be pair with Damien.

The story is set in 1920's, Hong Kong.
Damien is a famous lawyer and so as Kenneth, whom like to fight for justice. Damien had three wives, Mary Hon, the first wife and mother of Kenneth and Sire Ma, Idly Chan the second wife, which Damien love most and Elena Kong the third wife. Vincent Wong is also part of the family but his mother died early.
I love the bond between Sire, Vincent and Kenneth.

Tavia, an opera singer in Shanghai was approach by Kenneth to come to Hong Kong to perform a classic performance for his second mother. Tavia agree. Kenneth and Tavia knew each other for a very long time ago. He remember that she was a 12 year old girl hiding in his garden and he gave her taro to eat because she was starving. During the performance she was order to return to the household that she hated most. She was the slave of a household but escapeto Shanghai to make a living. Kenneth promise to save her. Now, Tavia is thrown into jail because she hit a policeman. It was either that or she have to return in that terrible household.

Kenneth ask his father for help but he wouldn't. Rebbecca was save by Tavia once and she want to help Tavia. Tavia told Rebbecca to come to Damien's house and said, "I am a human, not a chess," and if Damien turn and leave, Rebbecca must throw the chess at him. This way the man will save Tavia.

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