Monday, 8 October 2012

King Makers

I can't believe how intense this drama is. Had to be one of the best drama yet!

Finally we get to know that Patrick Tang is Wayne long lost brother. Sadly, Patrick is a eunuch in the palace. He wanted to tell Wayne as soon as he saw Wayne but he couldn't because he felt guilty that because of him the sister was killed. (He thought that she was killed, we're getting hints that Natalie might be the missing sister).

Wayne work in the palace. He help Pierre to recover. Yes, Pierre is back in the palace. Still, Pierre doesn't speak at all. I hope that Pierre could recover very soon and fight back with Chris Lai and Florence Kwok.

I feel really sorry for Elaine Yiu, she was force to marry this horrible man to save 18 people in her families. The horrible man is every one's foe. He always abuse her and all he does is check out pretty women. I absolute hate the way the man treats her.

Luckily, Sammy Sum, who is the son of the horrible man help her many times. One time Elaine's dad came and visit and the horrible man won't allow, but Sammy told him to or the Elaine's dad would be suspicious. Another time was Sammy bought her food to eat because she hasn't eaten yet. This other time when Elaine decided t escape, and Sammy saw her. She accidentally bump a plant pot and the horrible man came out and demand to see who did it. Sammy help her by making a scene in the party that the horrible man held. When Sammy left, she was gone.

Elaine escape to find Wayne. In the end she came back with the horrible man because Wayne never loved her the same way he used to ten years ago.

Natalie started to like Wayne. Although I had a feeling that Crystal likes Wayne too.

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