Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ghetto Justice 2 Finale

Already Ghetto Justice 2 has end. I like how the last case of Ghetto Justice 2 relates to the previous cases. I had to say that Evergreen Mak is a very talented actor. He can act as an evil person which made me really annoyed; he play a dopey character and I pity him. He play the mature character and I admired him. He is a very talented actor.

In this case, Evergreen play as a wealthy man that wanted to buy an old building in a cheaper price. The people living in the old building didn't want to sell it to his company. So he made tricks like no water usage, a small fire to make them change their mind. Eventually he order his loyal assistance to smash the building. The loyal assistance made the workers ruin the building. Meanwhile, people whom lives there was celebrating the baby one month old. Sadly, the building begins to collapse. Everyone was able to escape but left two people dead, the girl's mother and Sharon's friend. Myolie's mum was half paralyze.

Kevin was close to get back to jail because he accidentally killed Evergreen, but Myolie said that she killed Evergreen. Kevin didn't remember who killed Evergreen because Myolie hit his head hard. Eventually he remember again.

Kevin didn't had to go to jail. Everything was fix.

Sam and JJ Jia is a couple. Raymond Cho and Jazz Lam still fight for Crystal Li's attention. Kevin and Myolie still loved each other. Christine Kuo choose King Kong, in which she stated that she rather choose someone that love her then the one that doesn't (Kevin).

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