Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ghetto Justice 2

After watching a thrilling case of Raymond Cho shooting an innocence man to death as an act of defence. Myolie and Kevin relationship was bought to the test. Myolie caught Christine Kuo kiss Kevin and things went even complicated; Myolie ask Kevin does he still had feeling with Christine and Kevin couldn't reply.  Eventually they broke up. At first she was expecting Kevin to come to her and apologize, then she decided to come and apologize herself but she caught Kevin and Christine eating egg tart and laughing. Kevin bought Myolie flowers to apologize but Myolie made Kevin jelous and went to dinner with Stephen Huynh.

The eps was so intense. Christine reject King Kong and told him that he was a perfect package for every women but she doesn't like him because she realise that she still had feeling with Kevin.

In eps 18, Sam's mother died due to heart failure. Sam couldn't see her for the last time because he was busy doing his social work stuff. He always help people, yet he doesn't even spent enough time with his parent.

When Sam finally arrived in the hospital, his father wasn't speaking to him. His mother was nowhere to be seen. Sam follows his father to his house and ask his dad to talk to him. His father said that 'when he was waiting in the hospital, where was Sam? When he saw the white cloth cover the mother, where was Sam? When he and the mother waiting Sam to come so that she could see him for the last time, where was Sam? When he had to say goodbye with the mother, where was Sam?'

I felt sorry for the father, he had to face so much difficulties when really he needed his son to be there. And where was Sam, helping someone. Sam did a good deed, but is the good deed enough to not be able to say the last words with his mother, is it?

Sam is a great guy. He always willingly to help people. In fact he never had the time to finished one meal with his parent. Only now if he wanted to it was too late. His mother was gone.

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