Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Hippocratic Crush 2 eps 25-26

Benjamin help Kenneth and Tavia organize their wedding with Tavia's mother-like housekeeper. He did everything to help them because he truly want them to be together again unlike him and Mandy. He sew a dress, listen to Tavia's mother like housekeeper without complaints and did everything he could. While he help them everything were recorded.

Benjamin eventually found out that Kenneth and Tavia were using him all this time, they were pretending that they were not on good term but really they were. Tavia explain to him that all his action were recorded to send to Mandy to watch and hopefully Benjamin and Mandy would be on good term again. Happy ending for Kenneth and Tavia.

While Lawrence and Tracy both a happy couple too, Lawrence's daughter is sick and need a heart operation, Lawrence's have move to become a heart doctor and promise to heal his daughter. The operation were a success. They have a happy ending.

But for Eliza Sum it isn't. Just near the end of episodes 26 Eliza reveal to Tracy that it is nearly her time to move on. Tracy were heart broken because Eliza were the one that has always been their for her and not having Eliza anymore would be the saddest thing could ever happen to her.
Him have no clue of Eliza sickness.

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