Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Hippocratic Crush 2 eps 27-30 FINALE

Episodes 27 and 28 were the hardest to watch. Watching Eliza last moment as she prepare her very own party to farewell herself, watching Him having fun at a party with his friends. When everyone found out that Eliza were going to died, they all held a candle with a photo of themselves and give it to Eliza, I thought that scene were the most touching scene yet.

I found it really hard to watch Him beg Kenneth to save Eliza when clearly she is going to died either way. Him keep his promise by looking after Eliza's orchids. He learn the proper way to look after them and he is on his way to visit Eliza in hospital to show her the orchids. No one told him in advance that Eliza have already left. He eventually have the hints and cry his eyes out when he saw her lying there gone away from the world.

Him eventually learn that wherever he thought of Eliza, she will be there. He promise Eliza he will live to the fullest.

Mandy return and she accept Ben again. Ben propose to Mandy and she say yes.

Tavia found out that Kenneth writes her letters each day hidden in a box. Tavia also write letters each month so that if she ever leave he can always remember her.
Kenneth were in an accident and Tavia were brave enough to be in the operation saving Kenneth.
Kenneth woke up and they live happily ever after.

Louise and Koo Ming Kai live happily ever after in England.

Brian Tse found himself a girlfriend, King Lam is dating Crystal Li, Him is living to the fullest and Tse Cheuk Yin continue to be a successful doctor.

Lawrence and Tracy continue to love one another.

Derek and Paisley live happily ever after as well.

Here is the clip uses for Him and Eliza songs:
Credit of the video should go to the Uploader and TVB.
The person humming this is King Lam.

Credit of the video should go to the Uploader and TVB.
Artist: King Lam feauture Stephanie Ho.
Song: The World Outside

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