Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Music: Hubert Wu and TVB themesongs

Hey guys!
Recently, I've found myself listening to these music on repeat because I love Hubert's voice. He has a soothing voice.
Hubert Wu- Understood (Karma Rider Theme)
Credit should goes to the Up loader and TVB of the video

I like this song, the instrument for the song is nice. He's voice suit these kind of music. Listen to the song and tell me what do you think of the song?

Hubert Wu and Linda Chung- The Moon Embracing The Sun
Credit should goes to the Up loader and Star Shine

Linda and Hubert's voice harmonise together really wells. I like this song. They should have more duet together.  Tell me what you think about the song by commenting.

Raymond Lam- Be On My Own Way (Full Version)
Credit should goes to the Up Loader and TVB
I like this song too. I think it has a nice meaning to it. I only understand the English part. I think the song is sweet. What do you think?
Shirley Kwan- Always and Ever Theme

Credit should goes to the Up Loader and TVB
I've only started on this series and I can tell you it is a good and comedy drama. Only seen four episodes.
Enjoy the songs!
And remember to comment if you know any good TVB or CPop songs please tell me. I'll make sure I'll listen to it. Thanks. 


  1. I've also been enjoying these TVB theme songs. I especially love Hubert Wu's voice! Ever since I heard him on The Last Steep Ascent, I have been on the lookout for him. (:

    Oh, and they have been playing a wonderful variety of background music in Triumph In The Skies II, something very different from other TVB series.

    1. I have to agree that Triumph in the Skies 2 has really nice background music. :)

  2. Really enjoy HUbert's songs as well :) His voice is soothing to hear. I actually like the sub-song, Butterfly Transformation (something along those lines), in Karma Rider alot too!

    Oh wanted to say Happy Mid-Autumn Melon! :D

    1. Thanks lynne. Have a happy Mid-Autumn festivel. (Even though it has already pass) :)