Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Reality Check eps 13-20

The rest of the story is about Louis loneliness and her addiction to gambling. Rebecca constantly help Louise. In the end, Louise addition is so terrible that all her children left her and no one cares for her.

Ruco is the one that only loves her and care for her.

In the end Ruco realize that Rebecca really regrets her mistakes and she is the kindest person he ever met. He forgive her.

Louis finally give up on gambling because she has the love from Ruco and Rebecca.

Her children finally return to her after their other half left them.

Melon's thoughts:
I thought  the series is different to other tvb drama which there will always be a romance storyline. This drama is a series that teach children to love their mothers and that their mothers always loves them and give them everything, yet their children would be selfish and only think about themselves. In the end, the other half would not be there when trouble comes but their parents would be. To all those that are reading this right now: Love your parents and give them the respect they deserve!


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