Friday, 10 May 2013

Is it really luck that will make you a rising star or effort?

Lately I been wondering about TVB first class actors/actress leaving the company allowing the other celebs to shine. It seen fair for most actress and actors to have a better opportunity to show their acting ability. However, most of the people that get to be promoted are from beauty pageant but what about the ones that work so hard and still has not given an opportunity to be able to get lead roles. A lot of actors and actress play the same extras role over and over again.

Where is their chance to shine? Stop using new actors and actress to be on-screen allow the other actors/actress to have a lead role?

I'm starting to wonder is it true that you have to have connection to be able to get the lead role? Do you have to know how to be a sweet talker to get the lead role? Do you have to date a famous person to get a lead role? Is the drama, "The Beauty Of The Game," base on reality? A lot of questions keep me thinking is their fairness in the entertainment industry. Honestly is there?

This post isn't meant to offend anyone, it is simply my thinking and I would like to know do you agree or disagree with me?


  1. There is definitely no fairness in the showbiz. But I believe the harder you work, the greater chance of getting a stroke of luck to boost you to the top. You can question the morality of that, but truth is, nothing in life is fair.

  2. Looks are everything. If you are ugly and against a beauty; the ugly one would not have a chance. The media is all about looks. It's like a blind date. If the guy has to pick between a hot girl and an ugly girl without getting to know their personality of course the guy is going to pick the hot girl.