Saturday, 16 March 2013

Season of Love eps 1-4

Picture from tvb channel

Each season has 5 eps for each story.

Spring- Him Law and Toby Leung
Him is a famous celebrities name, 'Season,' (I wonder why). Toby is a truck driver. In this story there is Nathan Ngai who is Toby's co-worker.

Toby happen to work for Him for two weeks, because the actual driver is on leave. At first Toby thinks Him is all rude and cocky but really his a caring and understanding guy. He loves his mother and takes her of her very well, which Toby later found out.

What I found very annoying, while watching this story, is Toby little sister, she's everywhere, and I meant EVERYWHERE.  She has a lot of dialog and she is so annoying, fangirl over Him, she takes picture of Him all the time.

The part when Toby's sister has cancer in her brain and her grandmother is old, I don't quite get that, does that Toby might get the cancer too, since it could be genetic, it happens in Friendly Fire for Tavia's family.

Daniel Chau or Adrian Chau played as Him's assistance.

I found the story really cute so far, I think I will miss this season. I'm going to miss watching Him Law on screen, since I'm up to the last eps of this story soon.

Kenneth is like mysterious. His EVERYWHERE! I don't get the part where he helps Toby, and ask Him for his autograph because his girlfriend loves Him.

Oceane Zhu played as Yoyo, a celebrity that always like to create false scandal to make her famous. She used Him to make her famous then kick him as soon as she doesn't need him. She went over to Matt Yeung, another famous celebrity.

I really like the chemistry between Toby and Him. I didn't felt like the story was rush, instead I felt that the story is very cute, as Him slowly get to know more about Toby's family history and Toby get to know Him's history.

I really like this story.

I just have to wait for the last eps of this season before I move on to Summer which is Kate Tsui and Ron Ng love story.

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  1. Yes! I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds Kandy (Toby's sister) annoying. I hate how she keeps squealing "Season BB!" I didn't find spring to be that good. Wait until you get to the other seasons :]