Monday, 4 March 2013

Friendly Fire- The Policeman (Sammy Leung, Sharon Chan, Otto Chan and Patrick Dunn)

I really love the chemistry they have for each other. It is so cute.
Especially, when a policeman that is higher than the others said that he will shout them afternoon tea but he will NEVER give them cash, so Sammy would always has to.

When Ronan Pak was in the police station and everyone was being all mean to him because he rapes Samantha Ko and didn't get in jail. Everyone was making the motion of, 'eww, he smell,' kind of thing.

When Sharon wanted to solve a crime, and Sammy and everyone else protect her.  In all the police series that I seen, I think that this police group is very lovable and cute. They're like a family. No, They are a family.

When they lost a police member, they were always by each other side.

I really don't know what else to write about, beside the fact that I really enjoy watching their scene together. It is a very enjoyable scenes.

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