Monday, 4 March 2013

Friendly Fire- Sammy Leung and Sharon Chan

I love Sammy Leung. He is so adorable when his in love.

Sammy started to love Sharon. Benz help Sammy to make a move on Sharon. He helped by turning off the electricity at Sharon's apartment. Sammy climb over the house and help Sharon. He help her fix the light bulb. Michael saw someone turn off the electricity and turn it back on. Sammy got electric shot. He collapse and Sharon is about to give him CPR.  Sadly, Sharon's parents came and Sammy was dragged by Benz Hui.

Sammy went home and he was all happy and seem very strange. He kept thinking about the CPR part. Benz thought that Sammy was pretending that he got electric shot but when Michael confess that he turn on the electricity, Sammy really did get electric shot.

Another part I would like to mention is when there was a case that the Sammy's police crew need to work on. Sammy suggest that he and Sharon will play a couple, Otto Chan can play as the homeless person and Patrick Dunn can a pass-by. But they need someone to give orders, so Sammy was the one that gives order. Patrick Dunn and Sharon played as a couple.

The whole mission, Sammy would come over and tell Patrick to not play as a couple with Sharon but pretend to be father and daughter. Sammy would often tell them not to sit next to each other so close. Sammy's action is so funny and cute! When its rain, Sammy came over and hand Sharon the umbrella and a cup of coffee. Patrick Dunn ask, 'Where's mine?' Sammy said 'I didn't bought you one,'

Sharon ask Sammy out to a fancy dinner.

Sharon ask 'What your type of girl do you like?' and basically he reply, "Someone like you," the he ask her what kind of guy she like and she started to describe him. She told Sammy that she had a fiancee, played by Stephen Huynh.


  1. The love shocked scene was so funny!

    1. Yeah, I laugh out loud when I watched it. It was so cute and funny.