Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Missing You Thoughts

Yes, I have not post eps thought for this drama because I thought I should just write it all in this post.

I really want Jason and Linda to have a romance love story, but no, they don't. All this time we see Linda hiding her love from Jason. She doesn't want to be the third in a relationship. At that time Jason was with Lin Xia Wei. Later she broke up with him because she thought that Linda and Jason was having an affair. She was tricked by Matt Yeung. Later Matt Yeung finish using her, and got promoted to be the same rank as her in the company she was working, he kick her out.

Lin Xia Wei came back for Jason. Big mistake. She want him back but second chances are always hard to get back.  In the end, she realise that Jason doesn't love her. She told him to go find the person that he truly love.

Jason found his long lost mother played by Mary Hon, not long after their trip at Ocean Park. Mary died. Jason later found out his father, KK Cheung, a judge. Fred Cheung and Lily Ho was his half siblings.
They lived happily ever after.

Brian Chu, Linda's brother took drugs due to stress. Linda found out. Brian has finally recover from it 100%.

When Jason and Linda was facing difficulties, both were at each other side. Linda gave Jason a Ferris wheel, it was a memories of his long lost mother.

Eventually, Jason realise that how important Linda is truly to him. He ran and ran searching for Linda. He stand on a stand and shout out Linda's name in public. He found her and now they are dating.

Honestly, I like this series. I was hoping this series could be the series that I will still think of at the end of this year but I guess not. Its a series that doesn't have a lot of romance between Jason and Linda. I felt that Jason and Linda makes a sweet couple.

Calvin Chau and Cila Kung continue to be friends. I was hoping a love story between these two. I guess not.

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